Dispatch Times

Dispatch Times

Product "in stock"
Products shown as "in stock" will be whenever possible dispatched the same (if ordered before 7am) or next working day otherwise.

Store vacation
Please be aware that in case the store is closed for vacation, the displayed delivery times will not be accurate, as the system calculating these doesn't account for vacation days. Please refer to the pop-up banner message regarding store closures and next delivery dates.

Product "on back order"
Articles shown as "on back order" are either made to order (e.g. Linneo harnesses), are pre-order items (e.g. LDO printer kits) or are just out of stock but have been re-ordered. Delivery times for these items can be quite lengthy (please ask before ordering to avoid being disappointed). If you don't like the uncertainty, please consider waiting for them being back in stock before placing an order (you can use the "reminder" button to receive an email as soon as stock becomes available again).

Product "Out of Stock"
"Out of Stock" means the product is not available and cannot be back ordered. Again, you can put yourself on the waiting list and receive an email as soon as the product is back in stock.

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