EU shipping and VAT / Customs fees explained (IOSS)

EU shipping and VAT / Customs fees explained (IOSS)

As you all know, the UK is not part of the EU anymore. Due to that fact, shipping to the EU has lead to some "complications" which are luckily getting better slowly.

If you order from OneTwo3D to an EU country there are two cases to consider:

You are a non-commercial customer and the "intrinsic" order value is below 150€
If you aren't a company and the subtotal of goods in your basket (excluding VAT and shipping) is below or equal 150€, we will charge your local VAT rate plus shipping fees at checkout and the delivery will then not incur any additional charges when the parcel arrives in your country. Prices you will see in the shop are already including your local VAT rate (if the shop detected your country correctly...)

You are a business and/or your "intrinsic" order value is above 150€
If you are a business customer and/or the subtotal of goods in your basket (excluding VAT and shipping) is above 150€, we will deduct the local VAT at checkout (so the prices you pay are net prices). The parcel service will charge you import VAT at your local VAT rate plus an admin fee (usually around 8€). Prices you will see in the shop will include VAT but it will be deducted at checkout, as soon as your basket's intrinsic value exceeds 150€.

Split Orders to save on fees
If the intrinsic value of the order is above 150€, it may make sense to split the order in two (each below 150€), to be able to pre-pay VAT, have more choice in shipping options and avoid having to pay import fees to the courier company. Especially when your order is dispatched from different warehouses (you can recognise this, when the shipping option states ">= 2 parcels"), splitting the order in two makes sense, as otherwise you will have to pay the courier fees twice.

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